Ari Rubin as Catniss Everdeen

I remember, how I met Ari for the first time: We met on a regular meeting for models and photographers, and she showed me her portfolio. I was immediately impressed, how different and deeply immersed into character she was in her cosplay works. She said, she liked the natural style of picture I try to get. And of course we talked a bit about nerd-stuff, phantasy, role play games and such.

Months later (on January 20th), she wrote me on facebook:
She remembered how I always wanted to shoot a cosplay with her and asked, if I wanted to do a Hunger Games / Katniss Everdeen  shooting with her. And if I had time in february.

I had time. And we had a LOT of fun there!

Below the gallery, you'll find a short clip which I made for fun, because I just got my drone THAT DAY. I really really like coincidences like that :-)



Oh, and before we get to the video: here is a side-by-side comparison, which I used in Post-Editing to get the eyes (specially the color) right:


Aaaand finally, there's the video (also one of my very first drone footages - please don't kill me for a beginners mistakes ;-) )

What's left?

Have a look at Ari's Channels (on facebook, instagram) or even get one of her outfits on her platform Wishrent (she's CEO of that company!).