Monthly Storytime Videography Challenge


In this section of the zone, you can check up on the progress of the Monthly Storytime Videography Challenge (MSVChallenge).

Material I create to support the challenge can be found in the

In this playlist, I will add all videos related to the MSVChallenge.

#1 Tell a story (no matter what)

Core learning: basic storytelling

In this first part of the challenge, you can get an introduction on the backgrounds of the challenge and the first challenge itself, of course.

We will set up rules to start fast and easy, and in the next challenges build on that to raise production and story quality without generating too much additional effort.

The part below is in preparation and can change any time.

#2 Create more appealing videos using storyboarding

Core learning: pre-production, storyboarding

#3 How to shoot an interview

Core learning: camera settings, lighting, production checklist, behind the scenes, interview

#4 how to move as a camera operator // Character portrait

Core learning: camera operator motions, make people feel comfortable in front of the camera

#5 post-production i: Overview Post-Production and basic cutting techniques

Core learning: different parts of post-production, prepare project, basic cutting techniques

#6 Post-production II: color-grading

Core learning: color-grading, Rec-709, LUTs, saturation, contrast

#7 Post-production iii: editing audio

Core learning: sources for audio, editing audio, auto-ducking, sound-effects

#9 city portrait

Core learning: architecture, see lines, use what you’ve learnt

#10 one day in your life

Core learning: find content, hone your skills

#11 Nighttime Videography

Core learning: lighting, use of environment

Bonus challenges

These challenges only fit in at a certain point in your time during the MSVC, so you have to find out, if and how you want to execute them.

Bonus 1: holiday season

Capture how you celebrate a certain holiday. Show culture, show respect, show community, show yourself.

Bonus 2: travel

“That’s easy”, you think? Then think again. Check the challenges you mastered so far and take everything you learned into consideration. A storyboard probably won’t help, but switching up perspectives and focal lenghts will definitely be more appealing to your viewers eyes. And stick to structures: Give an introduction, an overview, show your content and close cleanly.